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Taking it the Distance

I had the pleasure of taking one my clients to Crystal City, Virginia during what was projected to be the worst winter storm of the year. My initial account of this trip was a warning the client that we should prepare to stay the night. He didn't want to because he needed to get back home to his family that night. I suggested maybe we leave before the storm passes through. He neglected the suggestion and didn't make it out of his last business meeting in time so we travelled through the storm. The highways were filled with snow and down trees from this windy snow storm. The client now began to understand and regret why he didn't listen to me. The trip was long return to his home. We returned safely after observing the highway filled with snow and tree branches. I made the client comfortable in knowing that whatever he decided I was going to do what is necessary for a smooth and safe return. As a chauffeur that is always the goal. Giving the client all the information so they can make a decision. Then executing on task based on that.

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